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Becoming You

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” – C G Jung

“Individuation, becoming a Self…is the problem of all life.” – C G Jung

“The psyche has an inherent tendency to heal itself. The task of the therapist is to prepare the path for this propensity.” – Dora Kalff

Become The Person You Are Meant To Be
David Genty & Jungian Analysis

I am a Jungian Psychoanalyst & Depth Psychologist trained at The C G Jung Institute Zürich, where I am an accredited Training Analyst and instructor member. My thesis explores the dream, active imagination and self-remembering. I have a particular interest in the nature and use of attention in daily life and in the analytic encounter.

My journey to training in psychology and Jungian analysis took a long and winding path. An early interest in spirituality led me to study Philosophy & Theology at Jesus College Oxford, and later, Art History at Kent Canterbury. A career in art and interiors followed, before returning to focus on psyche. I have worked in a local NHS acute psychiatric unit, and now have a private practice at my home in the centre of Tonbridge.

I believe that the work done in Jungian analysis comes out of a mutual process which is open-ended. It is a joint work. Analysis is about becoming conscious of who you are. This is the most unique adventure of discovery a person can embark upon.

The drive of the unconscious part of our nature is towards wholeness. In analysis we listen to the compensatory, complementary and sometimes prospective communication from the unconscious….hearing the voices of the soul balancing the relationship of conscious and unconscious. This process of coming into psychic balance Jung termed ‘individuation’.

In analysis you can learn to listen to and understand your inner voice, gain a deeper sense of self, meaning and purpose in life, to become the person you are meant to be.

Exploring issues with an analyst can lead to greater integration of aspects which have perhaps been difficult to acknowledge, and a release from long-held negative patterns and suffering.  This exploration can find ways of moving forward in life.