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Jungian Dreamwork

Jungian Dreamwork
What Is Jungian Dreamwork

The aim of dreamwork is to explore the various images and emotions that a dream presents and evokes, while not attempting to find a single unique dream meaning. In this way the dream remains alive and understanding awakens.

Every dream comes in the service of health and wholeness

In a dreamwork group session, a dream is presented and worked on. The dreamworkers ask questions about the dream – with the answers carefully listened to – before offering any suggestions about what the dream might mean.

Dreamers are not obliged to agree with what is said and may use their own judgement in deciding which comments appear valid or provide insight. There may well be several things that are said by participants that seem valid to the dreamer but it can also happen that nothing does. Appreciation of the validity or insightfulness of a comment from a dreamwork session can come later, sometimes days after the end of the session.

Listen with your heart and head to explore your dreams

During my training at The C G Jung Institute I had the good fortune to participate in the Dreamwork group seminars led by Dr Art Funkhouser.

I was deeply moved and inspired by these seminars held in the Kellersaal, the womb-like basement room with huge oak beams and soft terracotta brick in the oldest part of the building. I have also been encouraged by Art to offer such dreamwork groups to supplement and counter balance my individual analytical work. The groups will follow Art’s ground rules.

Dr Funkhouser is a senior Jungian analyst, trained at The C G Jung Institute in the 1970’s, and a founder member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

I believe that dreams are an essential tool that can be used for individuals seeking healing, self-understanding, and spiritual awakening. In dreamwork you can find helpful new perspectives that elude the conscious mind.

Current Fees:

£15 per person for the Dream Group (90 mins)

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Please note that due to client commitments we are currently not able to run the dream group.