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Jungian Sandplay
What Is Jungian Sandplay?

At its fundamental level Sandplay and its use of the sandtray, the figures, and the therapeutic holding, provides a ‘free and protected space’ within which deep layers of self-healing can take place.

“Often the hands know how to solve a riddle with which the intellect has wrestled in vain.” (C G Jung Transcendent Function para 180)

Developed by Dora Kalff, with Jung’s encouragement, sandplay is a ‘hands on’ method of psychotherapy and personal development based on practical, creative work in the sand tray. Sandplay combines the World Technique of Margaret Lowenfeld and the analytical psychology of C G Jung.

During my training at The C G Jung Institute Zurich I was fortunate to have seminars and supervision with analysts specialising in sandplay who had trained with Dora Kalff. I thank Ruth Ammann, Marianne Meister-Notter, Carlo Ruffino and Elvira Valente for their insights and guidance.

“Working in the sand tray initiates a psychic process which is holistic and can lead to healing and the development of the personality.”

( Ruth Ammann, 1993)

More Information

To find out more about Jungian Sandplay please watch the video below.

Peter Ammann’s film from 1972 shows Dora Kalff’s work with children.  The principles are the same when working with adults.

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Sometimes we come to a point where ’not talking but playing’ is the best way forward.